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"Many, after hearing how 'easy' it is to trade forex, start out with good intentions and perhaps enjoy initial success. Then it goes wrong due to lack of discipline, experience and patience. All the things a mentor can teach you to avoid"

After examining the current state of Bitcoin, it is clear that this cryptocurrency will be both a transaction currency and a store of wealth which heralds the hyperinflation and decline of fiat currencies.

Looking for Instant Bitcoin trading success? It's not here - in fact, it does not exist. What does exist, though, is a path to consistent above average returns, by investing your BTC in an automated trading platform that at the present time gives fantastic returns. Yes, it might be a bubble, but while it lasts I suggest that all "hodlers" take a look at this.

Are you a "hodler", holding Bitcoin for that rainy day? Excellent idea, because that rainy day may come when the currencies of the world, the victims of massive quantitative easing (QE) will be worth nothing! Hedge yourself now against that eventuality!

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My clients are typically professional people who have built up capital and now want to do something different with their lives. They have $50k+ to invest and realize that they also have to invest time and money to gain the skills necessary for forex success, just like they had to invest in themselves to become doctors, lawyers, etc. They know they benefit from being mentored to hold them to their plan and rules. They recognize that this is not easy to do alone and they need to have their performance analyzed with objective eyes. They understand that the quickest way to gaining the knowledge is to get it first hand from an expert. More
Personal Training & Coaching

Training is the key to success. Benefit from my experience to learn the key factors that will lead to your trading success. I will monitor your progress, guiding you through the jungle of information to give you the precise skills required More
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Forex trading is the ultimate free expression like painting - and like painting, a master can show you the technique, but you have to fill the canvas. I will show you the techniques, but you make your own trading decisions and executions - I won't be telling you what direction the market is taking.
I am not an Introducing Broker
I have no connection with any FCM (forex broker). I only recommend services on their best merits, that is, what is to my client's best advantage. The showing of any ad on this site should not be considered a recommendation.
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