Dealing Code

Why am I being asked to choose 'Dealing Codes'

First of all, thank you for registering and downloading TraderMetrics

We hope that you will want to participate in on-line virtual trading. To do this, you need to purchase a license for TraderMetrics. In the license file, there is a so-called 'dealing code', or TCID, which will be your unique identifier when you are trading on the virtual market.

We would like you to choose your very own personal Dealing Code

This dealing code is a 5-digit combination of letters and numbers (A-Z,0-9). It can be anything, although some such as FOREX have been reserved. For example, BANK1, METOO, 12345, etc.

The dealing code traces its roots to the real dealing systems, where banks are identified by their moniker in the interbank market

We cannot giuaranty that the code you desire has not been taken, so please supply two alternates. Otherwise, if all three have been taken, we will allocate a code to you.

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