Forex Trader Mentor

Policy on Chatting

You have noticed that I have chat on my site and perhaps you are worried about privacy.

I liken on-site chat to a shop assistant; if you walked into a shop and there was no one to help, you would think that was pretty bad service, wouldn't you? I am simply manning the shop.

The Internet is developing fast: The first stage was where a web page looked like a book, or directory. That was OK, but what about personal service? This is where the second stage, with visitor interaction, makes the visit more personal.

It is not in anyway meant to be intrusive. Some people close the page when I invite them for a chat and there is no reason to do this. Just politely decline if it does not suit. I still have no idea of your identity, unless you want to tell me. True, I know where your approximate geographical location and what search term you used to get here, but I am only interested in serving you.

After all, my service is a very personal one.