What a load of codswallop #1

This page has been written with the sole intention of getting you to purchase the product mentioned. I reprint it because it is publically available

Maybe it appeals to you, what do I know? All I can say that it implies that you just buy the package and a fortune is there for the taking!

The Miracle of Forex

"My father, who owns a small parts store and garage for vintage British sports cars, called me up recently and droned on and on about how he is getting killed by the Euro. Confused as to how the Euro could possibly be affecting his small and seemingly insignificant business, I asked him how. “Because of the Euro!”

He went on to explain, after calming down of course, that the distributor that he orders his vintage parts from had increased their prices by roughly 30% due to the dollar’s poor performance against the Euro. Apparently, it takes about $1.30 USD to buy the same merchandise that may be acquired with 1 Euro.

Essentially, the relationship between the dollar and the Euro is the same as we have always had with the Canadians—only we have become the Canadians in this bizarre scenario!

After getting off the phone with dad I decided to investigate this currency exchange question a lot further and came to one startling but very true realization—the stock market is for chumps! Foreign Exchange is where it’s at.

The act of exchanging the legal tender of one country for that of another. People who play the currency exchange market (Forex) do precisely that! With the same amount of analysis or less in most cases, people anticipate the rate at which one currency will convert into another and Presto!—profits please!

So if one anticipates that the Euro will be stronger next week compared with the dollar and I convert $50,000 into Euros, then next week when the Euro does in fact rise I can convert those Euros back into more dollars than I initially invested only a few days earlier—or even the previous day! Why have your money tied up for extended periods of time praying for a good quarterly earnings report or being grateful for the peanuts thrown to you in the form of a dividend?

My father’s misfortune illuminated a new world for me. Trading currencies is simply better than playing the stock market and more profitable. Just as with the stocks, you learn which indicators to track and the fundamental principles which propel the market in one direction or the other. There are of course programs and courses out there offered by people who have played this game for years and who are now sitting back in luxury while the rest of us have seen our retirement plans devastated by that volatile mistress known as the stock market. So I ordered a Forex course and learned what I had to in order to start cashing in on this phenomenon. I stopped waiting on earnings reports and praying for those stocks to go up and started making money daily on in the currency exchange market!

My actual startup costs were only $300. Of course I already had my computer and internet connection, but for me the possibility of working only an hour a day from home and earning an extra few hundred dollars a week was amazing.

The course I ordered was Peter Bain’s Commercial Currency Trading Secrets. I just liked the idea of having a Successful Trader at my side at all times. And Peter’s course allowed me to do that through his DVD’s.

This for me is a great way to earn extra income. I might even quit my job one day soon and do this full time. Learn more about this extremely profitable business for yourself. Just go to: http://tinyurl.com/8udgt and check it out for yourself."

About the author:

Vic Damone –Currency Trader

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This guy must think we were all born yesterday! Why is the stock market for chumps? It is for INVESTORS, dummy! You invest in stocks for the long haul. Is forex more profitable than trading stocks? Where's the evidence? Just like with stocks, we are told, you just 'learn which indicators to track and the fundamental principles'. Just like that. Easy-peasy. Oh, in case you can't figure it out, buy a course. Give you a clue why they are sitting back in luxury and it is nothing to do with their trading prowess. Currency Trading Secrets - oh, give me a break! Is this the 16th century all over again with the latter day alchemists selling the secrets of turning lead into gold? It's the same old story - a fool and his money are easily parted. Mr. Damone is at least being honest about a great way to earn extra income - from the commission from selling the DVDs!

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