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I don't want to sound like an ancient sage-I am not that old! I have been involved in the world of foreign exchange (forex) since I was 17. My first job was as a back-office clerk in Bankers Trust International, London in 1971. The market was just taking off in a big way, due to the floating of major currencies after the breakdown of the Smithsonian Agreement. I quickly got involved in trading and worked for a broking company, where I learned about spot, forwards and money markets. It was a very exciting time and everything went well until 1974, when a bank in Germany, I.D. Herstatt went bankrupt. This set the market back somewhat, but oil money washing around increased turnover massively in the following years.

I talked with a lot of traders on a daily basis and got to know all the different trading styles. I also made many friends around the world. The forex market was, and is, the only game in town and I am very proud to have been and continue to be a part of it. I moved to Scandinavia in 1984, and continued to work in the Interbank Market, acquiring new skills in derivatives along the way. This culminated in a period in Frankfurt, Germany where I became Head of Capital Markets with a leading firm.

When I returned to Denmark I looked around for something different and worked for an Investment Bank. This was 1992, and the Iron Curtain had fallen. Markets were opening up and the traders needed training in the new banks. So I started Trader Trainer, basing my training on a simulation. This was used in banks in 34 countries, banking schools and at Junior Forex seminars held by the Association Cambiste International (the professional body of Interbank forex dealers) in Copenhagen, Jakarta and Dublin. I have also served as an examiner for the ACI examinations. In addition, I have trained staff at Reuters, contributed to the Reuters Financial Glossary and taught at a Banking School in Moscow in a scheme sponsored by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. (Trader Trainer was sold in 2000 to a software company).

Why do I do this instead of trading? Forex has been good to me and I have got to the age where wisdom is more valuable than material things. I hate seeing people get sucked into forex trading and losing money, sometimes their entire fortunes. This misery can be avoided. True, I can't do anything about the fat cats who feed off the greed and naivety, but I can help people realize do-able goals.

I have learned and experienced much in these 35 years and I want to pass this knowledge on to anyone who can benefit from it. Whatever your interest and level of experience, I believe you will benefit from some time with me.

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