What is a system?
For many years investors have been using Technical Analysis to predict market moves based on recognisable patterns. There are over 40 different methods, and it is impossible to follow them all.

I can show you systems that will generate profits but there is a caveat. A system is no good at all, if you don't follow it consistently, combine it with good money management skills, and you are prepared to 'pull the trigger'.

A system only has to show you the right signals 3-4 times out of 10 to make you money. The trick is to control the magnitude of the losses. It is accepting that losses are a part of the game that causes grief to traders. Essentially, it is a question of timing, that is, consistentently recognising the patterns of your rule system) and discipline in acting and sticking un-emotionally to your plan. By working together, I will teach you how to overcome the emotions and act decisevely, consistently and profitably.

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