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Curious about forex? I am guessing that you have come across this site because you were looking for more information about this subject. What exactly is foreign exchange? How does it work? What is the difference between forex trading and equity trading? Who do I trade with, without being ripped off? Have I aptitude for forex trading? What are the risks? The chances for success? What do I need to learn get started? I provide the answers to all these questions-just ask.

Started trading forex? Perhaps you have started trading and it is either not working out the way you planned, or you have made so much money that you want to know why! Do you have problems with your emotions around trading? Would you like to develop your own trading system? Do you want to discuss your trading and learn how to improve your consistency and profits? Do you want to avoid large losses? I can help you on all the above

Need to know about forex? Perhaps you have an assignment for your MBA, which requires that you have to read those thick text books. Only you don't have the time. So you really just want to know the facts and formulas you need to complete the task. I can help.

Professional Trader? Lonely out there isn't it? Sometimes, you just need to discuss the market with someone who is not going to talk his book! You might need to confirm your model, re-assess where you are or need some inspiration. I have counselled the best in my career and know where you are coming from. I can help.

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