Most forex brokers offer a demo account to practice on, but beware! This is not valid training for learning to trade forex.
When you want to try out your skills as a forex trader, it is natural that you want to find a simulation that you can practice on. Most forex brokers offer such a demo account, ostensibly to offer you experience without risking money, but in reality, to suck you in as a customer.
Forex brokers have made their trading platforms 'dummy-proof' and offer demo trading accounts so that investors can see how easy it is to trade forex. Typically, you get a start capital and the maximum amount of leverage and you trade on 'live' rates.
Maybe you have done this already? Invariably, the user makes a lot of money in a short time, because there is no real money involved or, at worse, the demo account is rigged to give you the impression that you are making money.
At the same time, the broker is gathering valuable data about how you trade, so this data can be used against you when you trade live.
By using TraderMetrics, you can avoid these problems. You get a program that replicates the forex market, allows you to set your own capital and leverage, and create scenarios or used historical 'canned rates' so you can learn how to recognise key chart patterns. You can even practice news trading!
In addition, you can link up to a live feed, so you can use live rates, if desired
You can even participate in an on-line virtual forex market, and participate in a market where you are trading against a combination of robotic customers and other traders.
Besides, what do you do to practice and perfect your forex trading skills at the weekends?
The evaluation version is free for you to try. Just Register and Download TraderMetrics . The full version is not free, but for the annual license of just $29.90, you will get far more value than any forex broker demo trading account, because you will pay that back ten fold to the broker!

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