Many people have written books and courses about forex trading, but can they actually trade?
When I say trade, I mean trade, in the good old-fashined meaning of the word.
Can they take on risk from customers and other dealers?
Can they quote two-way trading prices under all circumstances, to all comers?
Could they cut it as a market-maker in a major bank?
Can they make money in the absence of time to think about which chart patterns are about to divulge themselves?
Can they trade pragmatically to be able to admit they were wrong?
Perhaps they can, perhaps they can't, but to me, the mark of a real forex trader is to be able to do the above, with style and aplomb.
Have you got what it takes to be a real forex trader?
Try TraderMetrics, an authentic forex market simulation and join the community of virtual market practioners.
Register and Download TraderMetrics (the evaluation version is free) and sign up for the virtual market and server software.
There is no simulation in the world that represents the market so well! And the authors? I salute you, each and everyone! - but dare you play with the boys?
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