Have you got what it takes to be a BSD (Big Swinging Dick) and survive in the dog-eat-dog world of forex trading?
The forex (foreign exchange or currency) market is the biggest market in the world. Every day, more than $2 trillion is traded.
It is a market filled with action where dealers live on their wits and have a time horisont of about 10 seconds! It is a market where you have to be prepared to admit you are wrong and change direction in a very short time - otherwise you are finished!
There is no room for wimps and losers: You survive on your ability to outwit your opponents, the other traders, by bluff, spoofing or just hammering them into submission. No wonder they call the spot foreign exchange market the only game in town!
The good dealers are the Kings, and can boast about how good they are - until the next challenger appears in the market!
We have taken a simulation model that was originally used to teach forex dealers in banks, and created the best game in town - the Virtual Forex Market.
You can participate in any available on-line virtual market session: They may be based on actual forex rates, or be virtual markets driven by the orders placed by robotic customers.
Your job is to take on the customers' trades and then trade out of the positions by using the public trading platform, or calling another trader in a private conversational trading system and asking for a price. You can also play the role of market maker and quote prices to callers. In any case, you get the chance to become BSD - Big Swinging Dick. Are you good enough?
You see, we have added a couple of twists: We have a 'loss limiter', which will throw you out of a game if you hit a certain loss. You can use your trading, spoofing and bluffing skills to force other traders into losses and if you are good enough, emerge as KING OF FOREX as last man standing.
There is a limited trial where you can participate in virtual sessions free, (with limited functionality). At any time, you can practice off line. For just $29.90, you can buy an annual license which includes the TraderMetrics Network Server, so that you can run your very own virtual forex sessions. Challenge your friend to be the King (or Queen) of forex!
The evaluation version is free for you to try. Just Register and Download TraderMetrics.
NB: If you are the wimp or loser type, don't bother to get involved - we don't want you crying, do we? Only kick-ass BSDs need apply.
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