Having been involved so long in this business, I know that some of my peer group, who have also been involved in forex markets and survived, share my views. Here are some comments from a few.

Paul Chappell, C-View Ltd, London

As a professional fund manager " As a professional fund manager, I endorse the principles put forward by Steve, whom I have known for 25 years: Planning and sound money management are key to trading success". Paul Chappell is founder & CEO of C-View Ltd. founded in 1996 and now with $170 million of assets under management.

Chad Ackerpatt, Forex trader, U.S.A.

"Surprisingly things are going well. Using your system of money management, I have had larger winning trades so far."

Tania Taniusha, England

"I had read a lot about trading psychology, but in your course you put it so succinctly. Now I understand fully the importance of self-knowledge in becoming a successful forex trader"

Shaun Howell, Alberta, Canada, Forex trader

"If you want to make money in Forex listen to Steve. He understands and can explain past and present markets. Fundamental and technical ideas are explored very in-depth. profit and loss ratios, money management and the tools to make easy well informed trading decisions are all included. I have not regretted any of the money I spent to get some mentoring. If you want to know if Forex is for you or solve a problem that stands in the way of success, Steve will not disappoint."
Tony Berry, FXTrendTrader, London

I have been trading and forecasting in the FX markets for the past 34 years and have known Steve for some 30 of these years. During his time in the markets Steve has gained a considerable amount of knowledge and experience in trading techniques and trading psychology. Trading FX is rapidly becoming an attractive investment medium for many first time traders. A sound and well founded trading methodology is vital and will greatly increase the chances of success for any trader in this business. I am confident that Steve Pickering and "Forex Trader Mentor" can provide that solid foundation. Tony Berry is CEO of FXTrendTrader.com, a leading currency forecasting service
Paul Garrigan, Gfutures, Dublin

You have to have a plan , and a system to carry out that plan and the right tools to succeed. I have been trading forex for many years and know Steve and his methodology. I can endorse these methods and the sound principal of engaging a mentor, especially if you are starting out" Paul Garrigan has been a trader for 25 years and was former Chief Dealer of Ulster Bank. He recently started Gfutures to trade on his own)
Kent Lindsjo, Tietoenator, Sweden

As Training Manager for Handelsbanken Markets, one of the largest Scandinavian banks, I engaged Steve for several years to give courses to our trainee intake. He delivered solid training and was key to assessing the successful candidates. I endorse the training and mentoring that he is now providing to independent forex traders
Lee Melrose, LiveCharts.co.uk, England

A very honest and useful service you provide. Many Forex traders should use their heads and do something like that before losing their money in the market. LiveCharts.co.uk/ForexRate.co.uk are free resource sites providing real time charts, quotes and historical data for Indices,Forex,Stocks and Commodities. Built for traders by traders.

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