The Forex Market
The biggest market in the world, yet little known or understood by the normal investor. A wealth of possibilities-free expression of choice, key to a great independent lifestyle. However, a few are successful and many dream-and fail! Why? Lack of experience, unrealistic goals, lack of self-knowledge to name a few. Don't be a victim-you owe it to yourself to engage a mentor
Money Management

It often goes wrong for traders if they have not learned a system of money management. It is vital to set realistic targets, both for profits and losses and have the ability to now where you are at any time. I will show you how
Systematic Trading

Having the discipline to cut losses and run profits (most do the opposite!), is often helped by developing a trading system and adhering to it. I will show you proven profit-generating systems and support you in your quest for self-discipline and success more

Trading Psychology
Self-knowledge is key to successful forex trading. How will you react in given situations? Will you feel guilty with sudden large profits? Will you give them back to the market? How good at you at handling stress? Fear? Euphoria?
Through an associate we can offer you emotional profiling, so that you can decide whether you have the qualities or can learn them. If you are prepared to learn the personal skills, we can coach you so that you acquire the winning attitude.

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