This is an agreement between SP Consult (”the Provider”) and you (“the Client”)
  1. By settling the invoice for a specified number of hours’ consultation, the Client accepts irrevocably the Terms and Conditions stated hereunder.
  2. The Provider agrees to provide mentoring for the stipulated time by telephone at a time mutually agreed by the Provider and the Client
  3. Mentoring is purely of an educational nature. It does not, nor is to be construed as, investment advice or providing signals or forecasting of movements in exchange rates.
  4. The Provider does not encourage forex trading. In fact, the Provider may advise the Client against participating in the forex market.
  5. The Provider will not under any circumstance execute forex trades on behalf of the Client
  6. The Client will under no circumstances hold the Provider responsible for loss as a result of any strategy or other guidance provided by the Provider
  7. The Client will not distribute any material provided by the Provider, nor shall the Client pass on information pertaining to forex trading by the Provider, to any third party.
  8. The Provider agrees not to pass personal details such as the Client’s name, address, phone number or e-mail address to any third party without the explicit consent of the Client.
  9. The Provider reserves the right not to call a mobile telephone number provided by the Client for the purpose of mentoring.
  10. The Provider will from time to time recommend the Client to use a trading platform or broking service. This recommendation is based on the functionality or the perceived quality of the platform or service. The provider takes no responsibility whatsoever for the performance, behaviour or integrity of the platform or service. The Client is encouraged to perform their own due diligence on any company they intend to do business with prior to any purchase or opening any account.
  11. The Provider will not enter into agreements with the proprietors of trading platforms and/or broking services to accept fees for introducing the Client (“Introducing Broker”) without the explicit permission of the Client.
  12. The Client accepts that forex trading is a highly risky undertaking and can lead to substantial financial loss
  13. The Provider will have no claim to any profits from the Client’s trading activities neither will the Provider be liable for any losses from the Client’s trading activities.
  14. The Client acknowledges that the Provider does not endorse the trading of futures and options contracts. Any reference to such contracts is for educational value only.
  15. The Client acknowledges that within the educational material provided by the Provider, some hypothetical performance results may be shown and as such, these hypothetical performance results have many limitations and no representation is being made that the Client is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown in the hypothetical performance results.
  16. The fee for mentoring, once paid is non-refundable.
  17. If fees for multiple hours of mentoring are paid, the minimum time for consultation is 30 minutes. All consultation will take place at a pre-arranged time and will always be initiated by the Provider.
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