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Ever wondered why you have no chance to compete against the professionals who sit in the banks and brokers and take your money? It is because you are on the outside looking in, with only charts and old news to guide you!

These professionals are in the midst of the market, making trading decisions from the flow of trades that they see from their customers. You have been shielded from this SECRET -until now!

But now you can learn the real secret of forex trading and have fun at the same time in the

Virtual Forex Market

If there is a "true trading secret of the professionals", it is understanding the flows of the market experienced by being a market-maker. Once available only to banks, TraderMetrics is now released to the public

TraderMetrics is the supreme forex simulation. It was developed at a cost of over $1 million over several years by market experts and very talented programmers. It was originally sold to banks (over 200 in 34 countries) . Now it is available to you at an affordable price!

"The 80s and 90's were the heyday for the Interbank Forex market. A trader was as good as the last price he quoted and to be accepted as a trader, you had to be a market maker. Adrenalin flowed all the time you were at the desk. I was the Chief Dealer of a bank in Dublin and we taught our traders using this software. You will get a different perspective of the market that will give you an edge in your current trading"

-Paul Garrigan, GFutures, Dublin, Ireland

It has also been used on ACI junior forex courses around the world and by academic instituitions such as the University of Reading in the UK and various banking schools

As a special limited offer we are offering an annual license for TraderMetrics at an unbelievable


What's more, we are making the TraderMetrics Network Server available for

Free Download

(worth $250), so that YOU can run your own virtual trader sessions and invite your friends and fellow traders to compete in your very own

Virtual Forex Market

Yes, that's right! You will be able to create your own virtual market, even linking it to live rates. You will also be able to find trading sessions to participate in on the

TraderMetrics Forum

Here you will find lots of topics with tips on how to trade like a pro as well as finding available slots in virtual trading sessions. There is a comprehensive FAQ on operating the TraderMetrics Network Server.

What else will I get out of it?

Are you a poker player? If you are, you will very quickly see the synergy and at the same time have a lot of fun learning and experiencing something that you will be able to profit immensely from.

You will be able to practice trading off-line, using TraderMetrics with recorded live rates, live rates and synthetically-generated scenarios. There is even a 'margin trading' mode in the stand-alone version

Are you a trading junkie?

Being a market-maker in a bank, especially in the 80s and 90s was that to be one of that exclusive club of traders who had access to the core market, you had to reciprocate prices. That is, the market was largely a RFQ ("Request for Quote") market where traders quoted 2-way (bid/ask) spreads. Being a market that was (and still is) driven by supply and demand, you would be, as a market maker, first to know if there was orders around to sell or buy. You could 'panic' or you could be 'cool' when you were given or taken by a customer or another market maker. The job becomes a giant game of poker, and the adrenalin will flow. 'Playing' the game will give you valuable insights as to how markets function, providing that 'missing link' that 99% of current traders do not have.So, do you want to do some real trading this weekend?

"I joined the FX market in 1983, and at an active trading bank in London I was one of 6 trainees who knew there were only two jobs going on the spot desk after the training. Before you were allowed to trade with real money, the men were separated from the boys using the software simulation - in fact one of the days we traded on simulation was the real market data from one of the banks best ever trading days, so it didn't get more real than that ! Anyway, I did well on the course, and soon got my own real trading book. As a chief dealer I have used the software to train the next generation of traders, and it's the most realistic way of teaching traders what the market can do to you I have ever seen. "

Tim Finch

Up for a game?

The network version of TraderMetrics is a fully-functioning 'model' of the forex market, run from a server over the Internet. In this 'model' traders can trade against each other in a true 'zero-numbers' game. When the random customer trades 'Autotransact' are thrown in to the arena, anything can and does happen. This produces a true market with all the technical analysis possibilities of the real thing. Get together with your friends to operate your own 'market' or become an entrepreneur and (subject to regulations in your country) create a 'trader game' service where traders play against each other and the 'house' for cash. This is the most exciting game of 'poker' you will ever play and again, you will get a fantastic insight into the psychology of markets!

How to buy

Before you start, we recommend that you download and install the FREE TraderMetrics Evaluation . This will ensure that TraderMetrics runs smoothly on your PC and you can get a Product Identification Code, so that we can send you a license file.

Click on one of the credit card images below. There are two versions to choose from:

TraderMetrics. Fully-functioning forex simulation with market making, margin trading, simulated rate file generation, network logging at market-user level. annual license for just $29.90

Buy it now for just


and get the Network Server software for free!

Note: The software is sold 'as is' and is not technically supported. by downloading and running the evaluation, you will see if your PC can run the program.

Please be aware that this software no longer has any connection for support or sales with the company SimCorp or SimCorp Financial Training.

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