How do you think forex traders in banks (Interbank forex traders and forex market makers) learn how to trade?
Many of them learned to trade using a forex simulation called TraderMetrics. This software has been used by many banks and at the junior seminars of the ACI (Association Cambiste International - The Financial Markets Association). It is currently used on Euromoney Financial Training Seminars.
This software is now available to YOU and the unbelievable price of $29.90!
For this, you get an annual license for a suite of software that allows you to simulate trading off-line, from scenarios or live rates, or even better, allows you to join the community of virtual forex traders and trade in a virtual forex market against other on-line virtual forex traders.
You also get a copy of the TraderMetrics Network Server software, which lets you run your very own virtual market sessions, again, totally hypothetical rates that develop a market according to trader action, or one that tracks the actual live market!
Learn the real secret of currency trading, just as the Interbank traders have done. It is all about flow. Any Interbank forex trader will tell you that. Stop being a loser in forex and get some real experience at the sharp end of foreign exchange trading. You will never look back!
Getting into the psychology of the Interbank traders, who after all, set the prices for the market, is key if you want to understand the market. After getting experience as an Interbank trader yourself, you will be able to read the 'price action' in the market and anticipate moves accordingly. Ask any ex-Interbank trader - it's true! This is vital information for forex day traders.
So, take my advice:Register and Download TraderMetrics (the evaluation version is free) and sign up for the virtual market and server software. It is the best way to learn forex trading online.

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