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I have been involved with the forex market since 1971 - 35 years. I started in the Interbank market and have worked as a broker and a dealer in London, Frankfurt and Copenhagen. I started the successful training company, Trader Trainer in 1993 and have trained many traders, including those on 'junior forex' courses held by the A.C.I., the professional forex market dealers' association. I have also been an examiner for the A.C.I. Diploma.I developed the TraderMetrics trading simulation. I count among my friends many of the world's best forex traders and I know what makes them successful.
What I Do
One-on-one training and coaching
New to trading? What do you believe? There is so much rubbish out there, most offering you training if you trade on their platform, or allow an introduction. There are so many experts offering 'systems', which lure you to spend money without any chance of success. Why? Because they are only giving you a fraction of the story! Learn from me what you need to know. More
Personal Mentoring
I don't do 'Look over my shoulder and follow me'. Are you a great golfer by watching a golfing great? I show you the importance of having an 'edge', rules, the right attitude and money management. I want you to be independent, capable of making your trading decisions. Ultimately there is only one person responsible for your trading success - you. More
Just in time learning
If you, for any reason, need to know anything about foreign exchange, I can assist. It may be that you are doing an MBA, and just do not have the time to read the books, or your company has just gone international and you need to know how to handle currencies. More

How I Deliver
Couldn't be easier! Send me your contact details and a phone number where I can contact you. I will call you and discuss your needs and experiences to date. You will then be offered an intensive one-on-one course on forex trading. In this course, you will learn how to make consistent profits. I will teach you how to apply trading rules, money- and risk-management. If you wish, I will mentor you until you are achieving your goals. This requires effort from your side, but if you are willing to work at it, I will work with you until you get the results you desire.
Why Me?
Experience unparalleled depth of experience in both trading and training.

Trust My motto is 'Your trading success is my passion'. I take great pride in my profession and helping people to success. This market is full of 'get rich quick' tricksters who are only after your money, not your success. This I regret, because there are a few of us out there who are accountable to our methods. endorsements

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